Selecting the Perfect Cake!

May 20, 2015

Selecting the perfect cake to accent a Sandestin wedding can come with a lot of questions… How many tiers should it have, what design should I choose, what flavors will best suit my tastes and my guests? So, we’ve put together some answers to help you in making this very important decision.

1) How many tiers should my cake have? The amount of guests you are serving, will generally play into this decision. For 25- 50 guests, two tiers is generally suggested. For 60-200 guests three tiers can accommodate, but the size of the tiers may vary. For more than 200 guests, four tiers is usually suggested. This will also give your guests more flavor options.

2) What design should I choose? Just as any décor decision for your reception, consider the theme you have chosen. If possible, it’s a good choice to work with your florist on getting color swatches. Your pastry chef can then guide you in creating the best cake creation for your wedding.

3) How do I choose flavors that will please both our taste buds and our guests? Depending on the number of tiers you have, your pastry chef will give you cake, filling and frosting options for each tier. This means you can choose red velvet for the bottom, German chocolate for the center, and vanilla for the top. The sky is the limit!

So, have your cake and eat it too! We believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice one for the other, you should have your elegantly designed cake, and your guests taste buds should be deliciously pleased.

The Emerald Coast has some of the most talented pastry chefs creating the best wedding cakes in Northwest Florida! At Sandestin, we can easily connect you with these pastry chefs, so you can collaborate for beautiful and delicious wedding cakes. For more information on booking your South Walton wedding at Sandestin, email

Photos By: Sarah Lyn Photography


Photo By: Paul Johnson Photography

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