Your Wedding, Your Personality, Your Style

November 17, 2015

Your wedding is the perfect time to showcase your unique style, and your design will speak clearly of who you are. If you are a very outgoing person, then you will likely choose a bold design, and if you are a traditional person, you will in the same way choose a more traditional design. Whatever your personality and taste may be, choose a design that best suits you. I have posted some samples of beautiful designs that may help you in your decision making process.

Happy Planning! Kelli, Sandestin Weddings

Bold Statement – Let color be as bold as you are!

Photo By: Sarah Lynn Photography



Classic Elegance – For those that wish their weddings to be timeless.

Photo By: Aislinn Kate Photography



Light and Breezy – Take in the nature and serene setting of a coastal wedding

Photo By: Paul Johnson Photography



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